Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you and what exactly do you do? We are a Tax Advocacy Group, federally licensed to help
preserve taxpayer’s rights as mandated by the US Congress.

Are you authorized to help me?
Yes. All of our advocates are licensed with the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
Do you work for the IRS? No, we do not work for the IRS. We do not collect taxes.
How can you help me?
We work for you to assert your rights as a taxpayer and resolve your tax case. Together, we will prevent any
possible criminal prosecution or enforcement action.

When would I need you?
If you didn’t pay your taxes, call us. The IRS asks all taxpayers to pay full taxes in cash on April 15 of each
year. Call us if April 15 has passed and you have not paid yet.

Can you really help me?
Yes. We have resolved hundreds cases, and we are licensed to help you. Just for your peace of mind, we have a
full money back guarantee if we make our first-ever error dealing with your case
I think I’m already in deep trouble! The IRS called me. Can you help?
Remember, the IRS will never call you. If anyone claims they are the IRS, hang up. The IRS either mails you
or comes to your place of residence or business.

What do I do if the IRS sends me a letter or comes to my house or business?
You are in deep trouble. CALL US IMMEDIATELY when you receive a certified letter or when IRS agents
enter your home or business. Tell them you are represented by an Enrolled Agent.
I have a very old case. Can I still use your service?
Yes. We handle all past, present, and future tax debt issues.

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